February 6, 2016

Send Cards Get Paid

A question that is often asked is:

How exactly do I make money sending out cards and gifts in this online greeting card and gift business?

It’s a great question.

What you’re going to learn is an amazing concept of how we can change the lives of many people and grow our business simply by acting on our promptings with an amazing greeting card service that is fully automated and works like a dream. Once you start using it, it gets addictive! We promise!

We do a few things, basically –

We share this concept of the sending cards out through our online system, where the distribution center prints, stuffs in an envelope, stamps and ships your card to the recipient. Some of these people will fall in love with the service and begin using it to keep in touch with their customers, clients and others.

Others will fall in love with the system, and also grasp the powerful concept behind the compensation plan that rewards us for becoming Entrepreneurs in the Greeting Card and Gifting Business! These are the ones who will sign up more customers and others to become Entrepreneurs.

And, there are those who won’t want or need it and will say no thanks! That’s okay. We only need a handful.

Our Greeting Card Business does business using the Network Marketing Compensation Model.

Our Business Changes Lives

Whether it’s delivering an uplifting message through a card you send someone unexpectedly, or sharing the potential that our business has to create financial independence, our business is one about changing lives.

Life is about the memories and experiences we make; not so much about the “stuff” we gather along the way. Life is about the difference we make; for ourselves and for others.

Are you wondering: Who are you and why should I listen to you?

Our team has decades of experience in both offline and online Network Marketing success! We’ve been with other companies; cut our teeth; learned the ropes, risen to the top of several and found a home right here with this online greeting card business.

If you’ve tried other programs – juices, nutritionals, travel, vitamins and more, you are going to find a breath of fresh air here! No need to clean out a shelf or two in your closets or garage! No stocking of inventory.

The Greeting Card business is one some of us have been watching since 2004. It intrigued us from the beginning. It’s unique; no competition among Network Marketing companies and no other real competition among traditional card companies.

The compensation plan is fantastic!  We love that we have a real opportunity to help someone earn their investment back in the first month and be profitable in the first 60 days!

It’s affordable; exciting and fun; and highly lucrative. Combine that with International expansion plans and it is a winner!

We love that we have the chance to change a life every single day by bringing a smile to those we send a heartfelt greeting card to; and those who we share the gift of our opportunity! You are going to love it, too!

Are You Ready to Make a Difference with a Solution Whose Time Has Come

Have you heard the saying – Opportunity doesn’t go away, it just goes to someone else. How many times will Opportunity knock on your door? This opportunity is staring you in the face, right now! Are you ready to make a difference for yourself and your family, your clients, your company and those you care about?

What a difference it made in our lives when we found a real solution years ago, working from home. What a difference this company has made for many of us and our families, too! We believe it can make a difference in your life, too, and we would love to partner with you on that journey!

Why a Cards and Gifts Business?

Let us ask you this:

1. Do you send cards and gifts?
2. Do you know people who send cards and gifts?

If you answered yes to either of the above, then you’re in the right place. The only other question to be answered is – Do you want to get paid when you and others who you know send out cards and gifts?

Our team is passionate about helping entrepreneurs like you because we know the impact this has had in the lives of many of us and we want to make the difference in your life!

So, if you’re ready to learn more, get back to the person who invited you to this site; get your questions answered, send a few cards on the system, and get started with us TODAY!